The Heneage Family and their Hainton Estate

20th March 2018

Louth Naturalists', Antiquarian & Literary Society 
7.30pm Conoco-Phillips Room, Louth Library, Northgate, Louth, LN11 0LY

Dave Start  The Heneage Family and their Hainton Estate

Dave Start is a retired archaeologist living in the Louth area, with an interest in landscape study and medieval settlement. For many years he was Director of the Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire. He has been involved in recent surveys of historic buildings on the Heneage estate.

The Heneage family have been at Hainton since at least the early fifteenth century and have been major Lincolnshire landowners and politicians for five centuries. They profited greatly at the Dissolution and yet remained some of the county's most notable recusants. Dave Start will present a brief history of the Heneage family, its house and estates, including the results of recent survey work in Sixhills.


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