About Lincolnshire's Blow Wells

'What is a blow well?', I hear you say...

Blow wells have been a feature of North Lincolnshire for centuries. A blow well is a type of groundwater spring, which is seldom (if at all) found across the British Isles except for the coastal margins of Lincolnshire. The geological conditions needed to form a blow well are found between Louth and Barton-Upon Humber. The rainfall percolating through the chalk of the Lincolnshire Wolds creates our chalk streams but where it flows through the chalk under the marsh towards the Humber estuary it becomes covered by clay. The groundwater here is therefore under greater pressure (artesian) and where there is an opening in the clays from the chalk to the surface and there is enough pressure the groundwater emerges – termed a Blow well.

(Cross Section diagram of the chalk hills in the west and coastal plain to the Humber Estuary to the east, showing, springs, blow wells and boreholes.)


Other well-known Blow well locations;


·         Far Ings blow well

·         St Peters Church Barton-Upon Humber

·         Healing cress beds

·         Kingston Gardens



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