Reducing your impact

Gravel river bed

Here are some easy ways to help save water and look after Lincolnshire's chalk streams:

Fit a water-saving device to the toilet cistern – this can save up to 2 litres per flush
• Collect rainwater in the garden using a water butt
• Have a shower instead of a bath
• Mend dripping taps – they can waste up to as much as 90 litres of water per week

For more tips on using water wisely visit the following websites;






Report Pollution

If you see evidence of pollution in a chalk stream, fish in distress or any other risk to the wildlife in a stream call the Environment Agency hotline number 0800 807060. This is only for emergencies, for general enquiries then please use 03708 506506 during office hours.

Report an Environmental incident

Use water more wisely
Everybody can help to conserve and protect Lincolnshire's chalk streams by using less water in homes and gardens. Our water comes from the same place as chalk streams – the aquifer. Simple changes in our day to day lives will reduce the impacts on these streams and help to maintain natural flows.

Reduce plastic and waste

Rubbish can easily enter our chalk streams, you can help by reducing the amount of plastic and that you use and ensuring that rubbish goes in the recycling not our waterways. There are a number of schemes that are helping, here's a few examples:


RiverCare and BeachCare


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