Cookie Policy

We wish to be transparent and clearly explain to you about your privacy when you visit our website. We are providing the following information in compliance with the European Union (EU) E-Privacy Directive together with other privacy initiatives. We are working on further privacy and cookie-related improvements in relation to this website.

So What Are Cookies?

A cookie is a small text file which is transferred to your computer which allows a website to store and use information during your visit. Some cookies are deleted when you shut down your browser. These cookies are called ‘session cookies'. Other cookies remain until they expire or you delete them yourself. These cookies are called ‘persistent cookies'. Persistent cookies enable the website to remember things about you when you next visit it.

What do Cookies Do?

Cookies can improve your experience when using a website by:
- remembering your preferences which means you do not have to keep re-entering your choices every time you visit the website in the future.
- Measuring how you use the website, this means that changes can be made to the website to ensure it meets its users' expectations.

The Cookies used on our Website

Lincolnshire Wolds Countryside Service

[ eu-accept-cookies ] - this cookie is used to record if you have accepted the use of cookies on our website. This is a persistant cookie that will remember that you have accepted cookies.

[__utmz, __utmc, __utmb, __utma] - Google Analytics is used to provide feedback to help us improve our site and it's usability.

Links to other Websites

This information page does not cover links within our website linking out to other websites. We would encourage you to read the privacy statements on all other websites which you visit.

Opting out of Cookies

Should you wish to opt out of any of these cookies you will need to change your browser settings on your computer/device which you are using.

Instructions by Desktop browser:

Internet Explorer - How to Set and Customize Cookies Settings in Internet Explorer
Firefox - Enable and disable cookies that websites use to track your preferences
Google Chrome - Manage cookies
Safari - Managing cookies
Opera - Cookies

Instructions by Mobile Device:

Android - Changing Browser settings
Blackberry - Turn off cookies in the browser
Safari - iOS: Safari web settings
Windows Phone - Change privacy and other browser settings

Other Information available: All About Cookies

Should you decide to block third-party cookies you must remember that whilst most third-party cookies are tracking cookies, some could be adding useful functionality to the website you are viewing, and by deleting them, it could impact negatively on your browsing experience.

It is important to know too that if you set the option to delete all cookies when you close your browser any preferences which will include any ‘opt outs' you have set will also be deleted.

Please remember that not all cookies are harmful or dangerous and that they are often used to enhance your experience of a website.