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Discover the wonder of the Lincolnshire Wolds' sacred heritage.  Telling the stories of past lives in the county's rural villages and market towns, churches bring to life the history of the Lincolnshire Wolds and the surrounding area in such an exciting way.  From medieval stained glass to angels in roves, memories of our fallen heroes to fragments of forgotten medieval villages, rebellious vicars in the Lincolnshire Rising to intrepid explorers of the seven seas, the oldest Methodist chapel in the county to the tallest steeple on a medieval church in the country, a celebration of faith to a shelter on a pilgrimage.

Visit Louth St James and discover how, on 1st October 1536 following vespers, Rev Thomas Kendall played a key role in The Lincolnshire Rising, a stand by the catholics against Henry VIII's dissolution of the monasteries. He was hung at Tyburn in 1537 as a result of his actions.  Today St James stands proud in the market town of Louth, its spire reaching 295 feet high, and seen for miles around.

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In contrast and just a few miles aware from Louth can be found the Victorian Gothic church of All Saints Haugham. Looking almost too slender and delicate to be built of stone, its lovely spire has been built in imitation of that of St James.  Journey deep into the Lincolnshire Wolds and be delighted by the rich collection of medieval churches nestling in rural hamlets. Walk the Viking Way and stop off at Fulletby St Andrew for refreshments. Whilst there take time to discover the wonderful life of Victorian poet Henry Winn. The Wolds provided a wonderful setting for Victorian poets, nearby can be found Tennyson's "Babbling Brook" and a short journey will lead you on to Somersby, home of Lincolnshire's most famous poet. His father was rector of the parish and it is in St Margaret's church that Alfred Lord Tennyson was baptised. He lived in Somersby Rectory for the first 28 years of his life.

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Above is just a teaser of what rich secrets our churches have hidden behind their doors.  We invite you to visit and explore all of our Lincolnshire Wolds churches for we are sure you will not be disappointed.

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