Out of the Spotlight: the Lives and Writing of Some Lesser-known Lincolnshire Poets

30th October 2018

Louth Naturalists', Antiquarian & Literary Society 
7.30pm Conoco-Phillips Room, Louth Library, Northgate, Louth, LN11 0LY

Jean Howard:   Out of the Spotlight: the Lives and Writing of Some Lesser-known Lincolnshire Poets.

Jean was born in Norfolk though her farmer parents brought her to a farm on the Lincolnshire Wolds when she was five years old.   Her career began in industry in Lancashire but she returned to Lincolnshire with her accountant husband Russell in 1974, working for the county library service before training as a Blue Badge Tourist Guide for her adoptive county.   David Robinson challenged her to take on the task of Hon Curator for Louth Museum and she pursued this role for 18 years.  She now organises the Society's lecture and outings programme.

Our speaker's elderly mother still testifies to the recitation of nursery rhymes which woke her parents in the early hours!  At her first school in Hemingby it was hearing Tennyson's Lady of Shallot that cemented Jean's love of rhyme and rhythm that still pleases her ear.  Tonight we will learn more of the life and verse of Emily Mucklow, now perhaps best remembered for being the young sister of the eight Beechey boys who served at such cost in WWI.  Samuel Palmer Chapman, the subject of Henry Winn's scolding poem that begins ‘Dear S P Chapman – are you dead?' will be another Yellerbelly to feature in tonight's programme.  The others? – we'll see.

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