The Archaeology of the Lincoln Eastern Bypass

25th September 2018

Louth Naturalists', Antiquarian & Literary Society 
7.30pm Conoco-Phillips Room, Louth Library, Northgate, Louth, LN11 0LY

Ruben Lopez:  The Archaeology of the Lincoln Eastern Bypass.

Ruben Lopez is an experienced archaeologist and site director. Ruben has worked in the UK for many years after working throughout Europe and is currently devoted to the Lincoln Eastern Bypass project.

The Lincoln Eastern Bypass, commissioned by Lincolnshire County Council on behalf of the people of Lincoln, is currently under construction. BAM Nuttall and Carillion, two prestigious construction companies are collaborating to deliver this project. Once the road is opened in 2019, we will all start to see the positive benefits and the building of it provides opportunities too.
What many of us don't know is that beneath the bypass lies a wealth of ancient remains. During several years of planning for the scheme, preliminary surveys located numerous sites and a team from Network Archaeology started work on the most important of these in September 2016.
The results between Washingborough Road and the River Witham, have been nothing short of spectacular. A member of the team exclaimed "…it's like a shopping list of all the things you would ever like to find on an archaeological dig; every major time period is here: Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman, Anglo-Saxon, Medieval, and Post-Medieval". In excess of 40,000 artefacts have been recovered during the first 7 months of excavations.

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