Greater Lincolnshire Farmsteads Guidance - A future for traditional farm buildings


Traditional Farmstead and Landscape Statement
This is a new document which aims to help inform the management of the AONB's distinctive rural landscape, and support the sustainable development of historic farmsteads, through their conservation and enhancement. It will also be of use to those with an interest in the history and character of the landscape, settlements and historic buildings of the Lincolnshire Wolds.
The report summarises and synthesises information from a number of key sources on landscape and farmstead character in Lincolnshire Wolds and Greater Lincolnshire areas respectively. These are:

• Greater Lincolnshire Farmstead and Landscape Statement
• Greater Lincolnshire Farmsteads Character Statement
• Lincolnshire Wolds Landscape Character Assessment
• Lincolnshire Wolds National Character Area Profile

Current information has been supplemented with additional research to provide an enhanced understanding of the local distinctiveness and significance of traditional rural buildings in the Lincolnshire Wolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

AONB Farmstead and Landscape Statement

Historic Farmsteads - A Manual for Recording

There is an excel spreadsheet available on request, showing a breakdown of farmstead types within each local character area. Please contact Project Officer David Rodger:

The Greater Lincolnshire Farmsteads Guidance is a package of information and advice available to owners and developers of historic farmsteads. Used in the preparation of applications for planning consent, it is a shared tool for the sustainable development of traditional farm buildings in the rural landscape.
The guidance was developed by LOCUS Consulting on behalf of Historic England, and produced in consultation with a wide range of partners, including LWCS (AONB Unit). As ‘Good Practice Guidance', it should be used in conjunction with local and national planning policies. The advice is supported by a database of over 10,500 historic farmsteads held within Lincolnshire & North East Lincolnshire Historic Environment Record (HER) across the Lincolnshire Wolds AONB.

The Farmsteads Assessment Framework and Design Principles helps identify the significance of a historic farmstead and issues and opportunities for development. Six basic design principles set out a robust framework to guide future development.
Lincolnshire_Farmstead_Assessment_Framework and Design Principles

The Assessment Framework is supported by 4 documents:
1. The Farmsteads Character Statement helps to identify different types of traditional farm buildings and consider their significance in the landscape.

2. Farmstead and Landscape Statements locate farmsteads within their wider landscapes. They are useful in presenting a rationale for change and developing in context.

3. Local Authority Summaries provide quick reference insights into the historical development, farmstead character, drivers for change and relevant planning policies for each local planning authority in Greater Lincolnshire.

4. The Historic County Report describes how farmsteads have developed in Greater Lincolnshire, particularly over the last 130 years. The report includes both spatial and statistical analysis of change that can be used to inform their future management.

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