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Wildflower Meadow

Although much of the Wolds has long been under the plough, grassland habitats remain a very important landscape and wildlife resource.  The majority of the Wolds' grasslands and rough pastures are found on the steep slopes where soils are thin and the ground hard to cultivate, in the valley bottoms as lush pastures and wet flushes, and in disused quarries.

A key distinctive landscape feature of the Lincolnshire Wolds is the grassed roadside verges and the wider network of green lanes, with some as wide as 20 metres.  Those found alongside the drovers roads and other ancient routeways commonly provide the most flower-rich verges and are thought to form remnants of pre-enclosure pastures.  Today some of the wide verges in the Wolds are still cut and baled by farmers, provide an important additional grassland habitat, often acting as linear corridors for birds, small mammals and insects and connect pockets of isolated grassland. 
The Lincolnshire Wolds Countryside Service has worked closely with the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust (LWT) and other partners to deliver the successful

Life on the Verge and Wildflower Meadow Projects


Claxby, near Willoughby


The Life on the Verge Project has been particularly good at encouraging and developing a network of volunteers who have been very active in surveying the roadside verges throughout the AONB – attaining 100% coverage over three years.  This work has been instrumental in updating and extending our knowledge of the roadside verge habitats, and especially identifying those areas in most need of special protection and enhancement. 

The LWT has inspired, involved and trained volunteers in wildflower meadow creation and management by developing demonstration sites, community projects, holding events and training days. They have worked with a range of volunteers, local businesses and social care organisations to collect local wildflower seed and green hay from reserves including Coronation Meadow, and to propagate wildflowers of local provenance for use on project sites.

Discover the amazing work undertaken to create Red Hill Coronation Meadow

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