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The Lincolnshire Wolds high scenic quality depends almost entirely upon the areas use for agriculture.  Overall approximately 80% of the AONB is in arable use, with 13% as permanent pasture and 2.5% woodland cover.  The Lincolnshire Wolds is a living, working landscape and it is widely recognized that much of the attractiveness of the Wolds today is a result of the activities of generations of farmers, landowners and foresters, read more in our leaflet Farming & Forestry of the Lincolnshire Wolds.

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Ongoing changes in farming – from protective measures against foot and mouth and bluetongue to renewed agri-environment schemes and set a side policies – impact not only on the landscape but on the farming community. 

The Countryside Stewardship Facilitation Fund rewards groups of farmers for coming together to work out the best ways to improve the natural environment across their land, providing habitats for wildlife on a landscape scale to better aid conservation of important species. There are now 98 groups working across England with the common goal of better delivering environmental improvements on their land, and the land of their neighbours. The Lincolnshire Chalk Streams Project are running a Facilitation Fund group along the Great Eau catchment over the next three years whilst the Lincolnshire Wolds Countryside Service are working with local consultants to deliver a Facilitation Fund group along the Bluestone Heath Corridor.

Constant updates and changes to policy directives are hard to keep up with. Wherever possible, this page will provide links through to the most relevant websites that are of significance to the farming community and any interested person.

Championing the Farmed Environment Find out how to receive the best possible advice and guidance on how to retain and increase the environmental benefits provided by your farmland.


January 2018 - Defra 25 Year Environment Plan

NFU (National Farmers Union)

CLA (Country Land and Business Association)

Labour Machinery Resources

LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming)

Natural England – Environmental Stewardship

Natural England – Catchment Sensitive Farming

Louth Market - Lincolnshire's Livestock Market



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