Traditional Roadsigns in Lincolnshire (TRiL)

Crossroads near Tetford © Nev Gurnhill

Across Lincolnshire there are many old roadsigns along lanes and country roads. At first glance, they may not look anything special, but on closer inspection, you may notice that some of them are quite different to modern metal signs. Their posts are iron or concrete, with wooden arms pointing travellers in the right direction, and many were painted distinctively in black and white.  Each area or district even had its own distinctive style. Sadly today, many are in a sorry state of repair, and others have gone missing over the years.

Restored TRiL

The TRiL group, a partnership between the LWCS, Lincolnshire County Council's (LCC) Highways department, Heritage Lincolnshire and local historians refurbished over 100 signs in the AONB during 2004/05. During 2005/06 work in the Wolds focused on replacing 14 of the metal signs with the traditional signs along two of the popular historic corridors – the Bluestone Heath Road and parts of Barton Street.

Special care was taken to research the often unique wording of many of these new signs. The replacements have improved the visual character of the historic route ways by highlighting the local distinctiveness created by the traditional AONB signs. This extremely successful project has had an immediate impact in raising the quality of the local environment and has helped to reinforce the special identity of the AONB. The project continues to be very well received by residents and visitors and we hope creates a sense of ownership and caring for the area.

There are occasional locations in the Lincolnshire Wolds where new, but in the old style, roadsigns are installed.  However this is dependent on the suitability of the location, resources available as well as the need to comply with highways regulations.

A grinder removes old rusty fixing bolts

New finger posts are carefully aligned

The post can now be painted 

Finger posts are fixed and paint touched up


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