A View from the Wolds - Nettleton Nature Reserve and Ramblers Car Park, Normanby Road.

12th September 2017

My favourite view from the Wolds is at the entrance to a site I have managed for the last five years for Lincolnshire County Council. Formally a landfill site, this area is now a haven for wildlife. A layer of clay was used to cover the rubbish that has naturally developed into a species rich neutral grassland.

Cowslips in spring are followed by the showy oxeye daisy and the purples of knapweed in the summer. Many other species grow here including common spotted orchid, lady's bedstraw and birds-foot-trefoil. 

Surrounding the nature reserve are hills which were being formed about a hundred and fifty million years ago from a shallow, tropical sea bed. Now they are pock marked with the redundant workings of ironstone mining and crisscrossed by cattle and sheep trails.

Sheep owned by a local farmer hungrily graze between late summer and the end of winter when the wildflowers have set seed and the birds have finished nesting. Without them the area would slowly turn to woodland and this unique grassland habitat would be lost.

I enjoy sauntering (it's really steep) up onto the nearby Nettleton top, where the landscape unfolds west down the dramatic claystone scarp and out, I like to think, to the Peak District. Looking north past the snake of woodland that is the Mausoleum Woods of the Brocklesby estate, you can make out the distant funnels of Immingham and then the Humber estuary. Turn south west and you can see Lincoln cathedral on a clear day.

Nettleton Nature Reserve has a car park and interpretation panel (part funded by the Down Your Wold Project). It is a popular starting point for ramblers walking the Viking Way, which passes close by on its way to Walesby and Tealby.   There is a permissive circular path and bench for visitors to enjoy the area.

By Matthew Davey, Environment and Community Projects Officer

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