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7th March 2017


We have entered our final year of the WREN project (WREN is a not-for-profit business that awards grants for communities, conservation and heritage projects from funds donated by FCC Environment through the Landfill Communities Fund) match funded by one of our partners Anglian Water. Two remaining enhancement projects have been delivered during February and March this year to help improve the habitat on our chalk streams.
The first project to get started was in Asterby along a tributary that feeds into the River Bain. Here we worked with the landowners to tidy up some of the hawthorn along the bank and cut back an overgrown hedgerow shading the bank. We then installed some gravel bay and timber flow deflectors to help the channel re-meander. This work will help improve the habitat so that adult trout can spawn here and their offspring will have a safe place to live away from the main river.
The second project we delivered was on the River Rase in Tealby. Here we worked with the estate to gain control of scrub that was choking the channel. From right at the start of the river channel hawthorns and brambles have grown right across the channel from bank to bank preventing from sunlight getting the river bed which means there are no aquatic plants for invertebrates and fish. We have worked with contractors to open up the channel and to repair a cattle drink that has caused significant damage to the bank. The work has gone well and we are continuing to work with the estate to help deliver further improvements next year with additional funding from the Lincolnshire Chalk Stream Project partners.
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