Life in a Victorian Village – Book Launch

21 December 2021

The Village – Fulletby, The Man – Henry Winn

A very successful book launch took place at St. Andrew’s Church Fulletby in November.  The author, Jean Shaftoe, has compiled Life in a Victorian Village from the books and manuscripts of Henry Winn, a celebrated historian of the Victorian period.

His diaries, letter and essay books together with his poetry, provide a vivid tapestry based on the lives of working men and their families.  Religion, education, domestic life and community activity and events, all find life on the pages of his hand written books.

He attended the village Sunday School yet, through his own desire for knowledge, he was acknowledged as an historian and a chronicler of life in the Victorian period.  The Stamford Mercury called him the Grand Old Man of Lincolnshire in an article celebrating his eightieth birthday.

Reading and writing were a passion that took him well beyond his village boundaries.  He provides accounts of mill worker riots, fires in Canada and the Irish potato famine, in addition to his role as shop keeper, Parish Clerk, schoolteacher and church warden.  A fascinating journey through life in a Victorian Village.

Many people attended the launch.  They were guided to the church by lit candles in jam jars.  Once inside there was an exhibition of Winn memorabilia and a wonderful buffet, all provided by residents of Fulletby.  Allen Stennett introduced the author and her book and was followed by Jean who described how she came into contact with Henry Winn and his fascinating legacy. Thanks to the Lincoln Record Society with a grant to aid publication.

As a result of Jean’s efforts there is now a constituted charity, the Henry Winn Legacy Project, which will continue to research Winn’s life and achievements.

For more information visit Jean’s website


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