Louth Beekeepers

21 December 2021

Oh Honey…..

Love honey? Then you probably love bees, the sources of nectar they rely on and the land where these plants grow…. and that means you love the Lincolnshire Wolds!

Louth Beekeepers have been busy – as busy as bees in fact! – in working with Wolds farmers to raise awareness of honey bees and other pollinators in the countryside and producing locally sourced honey for resale in local shops and village facilities.

A design competition for special labels has been held with the University of Lincoln and independent artists taking part and we look forward to seeing the honey in local shops soon! Will Hamilton of Louth District Beekeepers commented:

‘For Louth Beekeepers this is about more than a label, the design will be used in all of our media. We are keen to capitalize on Louth’s position near the Lincolnshire Wolds, Louth is still the capital of the Wolds in our eyes!

When the honey is sold through village shops in the AONB under this label, it will fund events and training in the Wolds for beekeepers and members of the public, all while publicising the Wolds as a special landscape and the farmers who are hosting us. This enterprise is literally the start; we are looking to develop the apiary (beekeeping) sites to be as beneficial for nature and people as possible!’

For more information contact Will directly at louthdistrictbeekeepers@gmail.com or follow Louth District Beekeepers Association on facebook. The new logo, label and publicity materials, supported by the Lincolnshire Wolds Small Grant Scheme, will be used for a new website in January 2022, you can witness the change at Louth District Beekeepers Association


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