Veteran tree talk by Richard Littlewood

17 December 2019

In November, Richard Littlewood of Lincolnshire County Council gave our Hedgerow Survey Volunteers a chance to rediscover their connection with the mature trees of Binbrook.

The day began with Richard giving an illustrated talk on his role as an Arboriculturalist, dealing with enquiries relating to trees on the highway owned by the County Council and also advising other councils and landscape companies on planting schemes and adaptation to climate change.

The group then moved outside and despite the bracing seasonal weather, had an enjoyable couple of hours walk around Binbrook village. Richard described what to look for when examining old trees for disease, and how trees can be managed by careful pruning to prolong their life. He then went on to explain what to look for when identifying different types of trees using clues in the bark and twigs, not just the leaves.

Those attending were left with heads full of interesting information, which they will no doubt put to good use when surveying hedgerows in and around Binbrook in the spring of 2020.

Richard said of the group, "There's a heck of a lot to learn to do with trees but they took it all in. I have utmost faith that these volunteers will make an important contribution to much needed data about trees in the Wolds."

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