Henry Winn (1816-1914)

Henry Winn was, during the Victorian period, a celebrity in Lincolnshire.
View near Fulletby c Andrew Locking

"Henry Winn the Grand Old Man of Lincolnshire"

The above title appeared in the Stamford Mercury in an article celebrating his 80th birthday.  Henry Winn became an acclaimed historian in the region, and his essays and poems were regularly featured in newspapers across Lincolnshire.


He lived in the Wolds village of Fulletby where he ran the grocery and drapery shop.  He became immersed in parish and community matters serving as a Churchwarden and Parish Clerk for most of his life.  In 1850 Henry accepted the position of teacher at the National School, established a village library and as a staunch teetotaler, helped to convince the new owner not to reopen the two pubs in the village.


His love of words resulted in a legacy of many manuscript essay and letter books, diaries and poems which provide a word picture of everyday life in a typical Victorian village.  During his 98 years in Fulletby his eye witness accounts reveal village developments and community events together with his hopes and fears during his life   - a peep into a past era which helped shape the 20th century.


Henry Winn is buried in the churchyard between his devoted wife and two daughters, and inside St. Andrew's there is a plaque dedicated to his life and achievements.  For the weary traveller you will also find tea and coffee available.

Researching Henry Winn

There is a book based on the manuscript documents of Henry Winn - Life in a Victorian Village (see website) bookstalksandtours.co.uk For more information visit the website or email   enqiries@bookstalksandtours.co.uk