Farming in Protected Landscapes

15 March 2023

The ‘Farming in Protected Landscapes’ (FiPL) Programme for the Lincolnshire Wolds is supporting farmers and land managers in the AONB to access funding for projects under the programme’s four themes of Climate, Nature, People and Place.  FiPL supports work for mitigating the impacts of climate change, nature recovery, providing opportunities for people to discover, enjoy and understand the landscape and cultural heritage, or supporting nature-friendly, sustainable farm businesses, with innovative proposals. Projects need to be completed by March 2025. 

Since July 2021, the Lincolnshire Wolds AONB FiPL programme has supported:


  • 170 ha of land being managed with regenerative farming techniques
  • 10 projects to improve the soil quality, reduce flood risk & make the landscape more resilient to climate change
  • 4 projects giving better understanding as to what different habitats and land uses can deliver for carbon storage and reduced carbon emissions


  • 4.7 km of hedgerows planted or managed
  • 9,842 ha of habitat improvement for biodiversity & connectivity
  • 4 projects delivering an increase in biodiversity


  • 2.2 km new permissive paths supported 
  • 1 project delivering educational visits
  • 8 projects to make the landscape more inclusive for visitors and support greater public engagement in land management


  • 5 projects reinforcing or enhancing the quality and character of the landscape, including historic structures
  • 3 projects increasing the resilience of nature friendly sustainable farm businesses, contributing a more thriving local economy 

Steve Scoffin

Lincolnshire Wolds FiPL Project Officer

07585 204328