Farmstead Volunteers – Buildings Surveys

30 September 2019

This is a project that aims to inspire volunteers to take an active part in recording and protecting historic farm buildings in the Lincolnshire Wolds. On site surveys help us to build up a picture of the condition of these heritage assets and this information can aid future management planning.

Manor Farm, South Ormsby was one of the venues for our survey training day recently. We were really able to brush up on our architecture detective skills; looking at a wash house, out buildings, pig stys and cattle pens.  The Estate even gave us permission to have a sneaky peek inside the 17th Century listed farm house too. After lunch we moved on to Hardens Gap Farm and spent an interesting afternoon trying to unravel the history of this multi period site. The results will be fed back to South Ormsby Estate for their historic records.

Volunteers will be visiting Ashby Puerorum soon to look at more farms and further their investigation technique. If you have a farm building that is pre WWII, we'd love to visit you to help discover the history of the building and its locality. Help us build a case for conserving these buildings at risk!
We have regular meetings of the group and new people are always welcome. Please contact David Rodger to find out more.


Tel: 01522 555786 



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