Three Parishes Hedgerow Survey Project – Update

30 September 2019

A project that will inspire the communities of Binbrook, Brookenby and Swinhope to value their hedges as an environmental and cultural resource.

On the evening of 6th August, LWCS gave 8 volunteers a talk on the 'Magic and Folklore of Trees'. For example, did you know that a holly leaf in a man's pocket makes him more attractive to the opposite sex? The evening also included an opportunity for volunteers to take part in the historic research part of the project.

Four people have signed up to do baseline research; looking into hedgerows of historic significance. This will help us focus our initial surveys on hedges that have cultural value as well as those which may have increased biodiversity due to their age.

On August 16th the group took part in a tree identification and survey training exercise in Binbrook. Six volunteers braved the rain to learn about native trees that had fared well (or not) on the local chalk soil. We also surveyed a 30m section of hedgerow to practice filling in the survey sheet (from the DEFRA hedgerow handbook). Thanks to Lee Holmes of Binbrook for showing us around his fields.

The next meeting of the group will be on 2nd October when Tree Officer Colin Horton from ELDC will lead a guided walk looking at the veteran trees of Binbrook.
We currently have 14 people signed up to the hedgerow project, but we're always looking for new members to share in our appreciation of the hedgerows of the Wolds. So if you're interested and would like to find out more, please get in touch with David Rodger at the LWCS office.


Tel: 01522 555786 



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